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⚠️ Open SaaS is now running on Wasp v0.13! If you're running an older version of Open SaaS, please follow the migration instructions here ⚠️


Welcome to your new SaaS App!

You’ve decided to build a SaaS app with this template. Great choice! 🎉

This template is:

  1. fully open-source
  2. completely free to use and distribute
  3. comes with a ton of features out of the box!

Check it out in action here:
Check out the Code: Open SaaS GitHub Repo

What’s inside?

The template itself is built on top of some very powerful tools and frameworks, including:

  • 🐝 Wasp - a full-stack React, NodeJS, Prisma framework with superpowers
  • 🚀 Astro - Astro’s lightweight “Starlight” template for documentation and blog
  • 💸 Stripe - for products and payments
  • 📈 Plausible or Google Analytics
  • 🤖 OpenAI - OpenAI API integrated into the app or Replicate (coming soon 👀)
  • 📦 AWS S3 - for file uploads
  • 📧 SendGrid, MailGun, or SMTP - for email sending
  • 💅 TailwindCSS - for styling
  • 🧑‍💼 TailAdmin - admin dashboard & components for TailwindCSS

Because we’re using Wasp as the full-stack framework, we can leverage a lot of its features to build our SaaS in record time, including:

  • 🔐 Full-stack Authentication - Email verified + social Auth in a few lines of code.
  • End-to-end Type Safety - Type your backend functions and get inferred types on the front-end automatically, without the need to install or configure any third-party libraries. Oh, and type-safe Links, too!
  • 🤖 Jobs - Run cron jobs in the background or set up queues simply by defining a function in the config file.
  • 🚀 One-command Deploy - Easily deploy via the CLI to, or to other providers like Railway and Netlify.

You also get access to Wasp’s diverse, helpful community if you get stuck or need help.

In the next sections, we’ll get our SaaS app started and tour its features. Let’s get started!