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⚠️ Open SaaS is now running on Wasp v0.13! If you're running an older version of Open SaaS, please follow the migration instructions here ⚠️

Admin Dashboard

This is a reference on how the Admin dashboard is set up and works.


The Admin dashboard is only accessible to users with the isAdmin field set to true.

entity User {=psl
id Int @id @default(autoincrement())
email String? @unique
username String?
isAdmin Boolean @default(false)

To give yourself administrator priveledges, make sure you add your email adderesses to the ADMIN_EMAILS environment variable in .env.server file before registering/logging in with that email address.

// or add many admins with a comma-separated list,,

if you’ve already logged in with an email address that you want to give admin priveledges to, you can run the following command in a separate terminal window to update the user’s isAdmin field:

Terminal window
wasp db studio

db studio

Admin Dashboard Pages


The Admin dashboard is a single place for you to view your most important metrics and perform some admin tasks. At the moment, it pulls data from:

  • Stripe:
    • total revenue
    • revenue for each day of the past week
  • Google or Plausible:
    • total number of page views (non-unique)
    • percentage change in page views from the previous day
    • top sources/referrers with unique visitor count (i.e. how many people came from that source to your app)
  • Database:
    • total number of registered users
    • daily change in number of registered users
    • total number of paying users
    • daily change in number of paying users

For a guide on how to integrate these services, check out the Stripe and Analytics guide of the docs.


The Users page is where you can view all your users and their most important details. You can also search and filter users by:

  • email address
  • subscription/payment status